How to find a silver chain bracelet in Red Dead Redemption 2

Thieving is a hard life.

While exploring¬†Red Dead Redemption 2,¬†you may across an item known as the silver chain bracelet. It’s a random item you can locate while wandering around doing side quests, and you can use it to create a rare item called the Bear Claw Talisman. Unfortunately, while the item is a random drop, it is challenging to find, but there are some sure-fire ways to locate it.


You can find the item by visiting the Aberdeen Pig Farm, which is southeast of Emerald Station. You can choose to go through a cutscene with the family at this location or go about killing them immediately. Both methods have a chance of rewarding a silver chain bracelet, and you can find it on Tammy Aberdeen’s body. It’s one of the limited guaranteed drops for this item in the game.

Another location with a higher chance of finding the item is at Watson’s Cabin, which is to the north of Little Creek River inside of the Big Valley region. You can rob the place, and inside, you need to locate a nightstand. The nightstand has a chance to have the bracelet inside of it, and while it is a higher chance than other locations in the game, some players have reported they did not receive the item after completely robbing this location.

Once you have checked both of these locations, unfortunately, it’s time to rely on RNG to find it somewhere. You primarily want to keep looking inside of jewelry boxes inside of houses and to perform train robberies. Both of these methods are reliable ways to locate the item.