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How to find all the South Wing Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

You need to know where to stop the pendulum.

Part of the fun in Hogwarts Legacy is customizing your character’s gear and your Room of Requirement, but at the start of the game, you don’t have that many customization options to choose from. One of the main ways to get lots more cosmetic items for your collection is to find Collection Chests, all of which contain something that you can use to spruce up your outfit or your room of requirement.

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Collection Chests show up on your map once you’re within range of them, and this makes some of them really easy to find, but a lot of Collection Chests are well hidden. They might be behind doors that can only be unlocked using Alohomora, or you might need to employ your spell-casting skills in some puzzle solving to get to them. And some Collection Chests can only be reached during or after certain quests. There are Collection Chests all over the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and five of the trickiest ones to reach are in The South Wing.

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How to get all five Collection Chests in The South Wing

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There is one Collection Chest in the small room beyond the unicorn door on the east side of the Clock Tower, opposite the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame. For the unicorn door to open the pendulum must be at the unicorn position on the large bar it swings back and forth along (look up). Unfortunately, the pendulum doesn’t stay in position long enough, so you have to cast either Glacius or Arresto Momentum on it just as it swings to the far side of the chamber where the unicorn symbol is.

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Use Alohomora to open the door on the east side of the Clock Tower entrance (the one from the Clock Tower Courtyard), then go up the stairs. Turn left at the top, cross the landing, and go up the other set of stairs. At the top, go to the east side and find the fireplace marked by two dragons. To open this one, freeze the pendulum when it’s at the same “double dragon” symbol as is on the door. There are two Collection Chests in the room beyond.

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There’s a Collection Chest in the Faculty Tower behind a Level III locked door. From the Faculty Tower Floo Flame, head south, then go through the door Mr. Moon is standing by. Go up two floors, then unlock the Level III door with Alohomora. Cast Glacius on the fireplace then crawl into it and climb the stairs to find a room that contains a Collection Chest.

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From Mr. Moon, head south, then go down the spiral staircase. Enter the frog statue at the bottom (the bottom of the stairs, not the frog’s bottom) and you’ll be teleported to the final Collection Chest.

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