How to find and beat Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising – Vincent location

Don’t freeze under pressure.

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If you’re looking to fill your castle with prison cells, you’ll need to take on Vincent the Frostbringer, a powerful guard from Dunley Farmlands. Defeating him, though, presents a few challenges that don’t apply to many of the other bosses in the V Rising. Most of these challenges are due to the fact that Vincent doesn’t have a set location. Instead, he slowly patrols the roads near the Haunted Iron Mines with a couple of guards in tow.

This means you’re always at risk of other enemies (or worse, bosses) wandering into your fight and complicating the situation. In some cases, you might even lose sight of Vincent and have to return to your Blood Altar before you can track his V Blood again.

Where to find Vincent

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You can find Vincent patrolling the roads in the southern part of Dunley Farmlands, usually in the area shown above. Before heading there, we would recommend reaching a Gear Score of at least 40. When you approach the area, try to take out as many nearby patrols and aggressive creatures as possible to avoid a messy boss fight. There’s no guarantee you won’t get interrupted anyway, but you can at least improve your odds a little.

How to defeat Vincent

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Vincent’s kit is focused on dealing cold damage, and most of his attacks will slow or even freeze you in place. The most dangerous attack in his kit is his ranged attack, which sends several ice projectiles in a cone in front of him. These have a long windup, but will freeze you solid for a few seconds, and Vincent will follow them up with a shield bash. Your best bet is to keep your movement ability off cooldown until you see this attack, but if you’re lucky enough to fight Vincent near some environmental cover, you can use that to your advantage as well.

Aside from this attack, Vincent has a few shield bash attacks, as well as a two swing combo with his morningstar. The two swing combo isn’t much of a problem, and leaves you with a nice opening afterward, especially if you have a weapon skill that also works as a gap closer. The shield bashes are a bit more of a problem, since they cause him to dash forward, and are often used in quick succession. Once you learn their animation, though, a simple side strafe is usually enough to avoid them.

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