How to make a prison cell in V Rising

What good is being a vampire without enslaving humans?

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No vampire fantasy is complete without scores of thralls and enslaved mortals to do your bidding, and V Rising delivers this possibility in spades. While enslaving humans to become servants is more than possible, players can also opt to simply have some humanoids trapped within prisons in their castles, ready for a light snack at a moment’s notice.

In order to make the prison cell, players will once again need to visit the Blood Altar. A level 40 boss named Vincent the Frostbringer will ultimately offer the recipe for a prison cell — players will need to track this boss via the Blood Altar, and devour his blood in order to gain the necessary structure.

Vincent is a roaming boss, and tends to walk around Dunley Farmlands with two archers in tow. With multiple freezes that renders the player immobile for lengthy periods of time, players should be moderately equipped with potions and gear prior to tracking this boss.

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Successfully bringing down Vincent the Frostbringer gives a new dash and shield ability, the recipe for Reinforced Planks, and of course, the Prison Cell. In order to craft the Prison Cell, which costs 12 iron ingots to build, enter the build menu with ‘B’, move to the Production tab, and then to the Dominance tab to find the Prison Cell.

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Once the Prison Cell has been built, stocking it (or as many as have been built) with human captives is the next reasonable step. With enough filled prison cells, players can keep their blood levels high without needing to step foot into towns or otherwise occupied areas. This is helpful in the event of dying — respawning at a castle, feeding on a prisoner, and then teleporting out can greatly increase the speed of corpse runs.

Unfortunately, the act of refilling the Prison Cell is somewhat exhausting. Only one humanoid can be enchanted at a time, meaning players will need to find a worthwhile humanoid, entrance them, guide them back to the castle, and lock them into the prison. For many, simply moving out and finding worthwhile blood on the way seems a far more reasonable usage of time.