How to find and complete the Draco Smart Telescope puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

A dragon in the sky.

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There are plenty of activities and puzzles that you can take part in as you progress through Tower of Fantasy. This game is filled with stuff to find. When you reach the Navia region, you may start to see telescopes. These Smart Telescopes guide you to a constellation that you need to complete. Connect the dots and restore the constellation so that you can receive a reward.

Draco Smart Telescope location

The Smart Telescopes are positioned in areas all across the map, but the first ones you will find are in the Navia region. Navia is the third region you will go to and is north of the Banges region. You will need to reach chapter two before you can enter the Navia region.

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Raincaller Island makes up the northwest section of the Navia region. This cast chunk of land is home to many deadly enemies, so you will want to watch your back. Near the southern edge of the island is a large cliff with what looks to be a radio array on top of it. Make your way to this cliff, and you will find the telescope on the edge of it.

Draco Smart Telescope puzzle solution

To solve the Smart Telescope puzzles, you need to connect the blue dots to the red dots in the constellation. You can reset the puzzle at any time by pressing the reset button on the right side of the screen. For the Draco puzzle, there are two sets of red constellations; one on the right and one on the left.

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Start by connecting the bottom point of the right dots to the central blue dot. After that, connect the furthest north red dot to the blue dot to the left of it. Connect the two blue dots that are next to each other. Finish the line by connecting the bottom of the two close blue dots to the red dot that is second to the most northern. Lastly, connect the bottom blue dot to the top red dot of the left red constellation.

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When you are done, the constellation should look like the image above. With that, the puzzle will be complete, and you will be rewarded.