How to find and complete the Lost Paddy side quest in Tower of Fantasy

But which Paddy is it?

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Tower of Fantasy features many amazing side quests, and Lost Paddy is one of the funniest. In the quest, you are tasked with finding Paddy for their mother, but there is a twist in this quest. Below is how you can find and complete the Lost Paddy side quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Lost Paddy side quest location

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You can find the Lost Paddy side quest in the northeastern part of the Asset Management Center in Mirroria city. The quest is given by a friendly NPC named, Liuzhu. She is wearing a white dress, and you will easily recognize her when you see her. Additionally, the game will mark the quest on your map once you are near it.

Lost Paddy side quest walkthrough

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To begin the quest, you need to talk to Liuzhu, who will ask you to find her lost child, Paddy. You will get a quest marker to go to the Oasis Club area in Mirroria City. Once you reach there, talk to the Cat Man, who will tell you to try and find Paddy at Hotta Studio.

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Talk to Doris at Hotta Studio, and he will tell you Paddy’s location, who is standing in the back area of Hotta Studio. When you interact with Paddy, you will be teleported to Liuzhu’s location with Paddy, but she will tell you that the child she lost is a cat and not this boy.

Return to Oasis Club and ask Cat Man about the cat Paddy. You will get the objective markers to place fish and lure Paddy out. After that, you will see Paddy hiding in the bushes; go and interact with the little cat. The tricky part is choosing the right dialogue options with the cat. Below are all the right options to select.

  • Meow, Meow
  • Meow, Meow, Meow
  • Meow, Meow… Meow, Meow

After choosing these options, take the cat Paddy and return to Liuzhu. This will complete your Lost Paddy side quest in Tower of Fantasy. You will get XP points, 100 Mira, and exploration points as rewards for completing the quest.