How to find and contact Olivia in Berlin in Hitman 3

The ICA Agents are after The Hitman.

Each location in Hitman 3 offers a unique experience. After assassinating targets in Dubai and in the old manor in Dartmoor, Agent 47 reaches Berlin, a bit different from other game locations since there is no mission briefing to being with.

Before the mission starts, the player is asked to contact Olivia to get more intel. A small cutscene plays, and Agent 47 spawns near a gas station in Berlin. To contact Olivia, the player needs first to select the Burner Phone from the quick select menu. Once the Burner Phone is equipped, press the left mouse button (RT/R2 on the controller) to call Olivia.

Unsurprisingly, the call will not be connected, and you will need to find Olivia to proceed in the mission. Head straight along the road towards the crashed car and then turn right into the jungle. Keep heading straight until you see the club, and a small cutscene will play in which Olivia mentions that their location has been compromised.

After the cutscene ends, the Apex Predator mission begins, and the player needs to take out the ICA Agents to complete the mission. There are eleven ICA agents, and the player needs to eliminate only five of them. However, eliminating all of them will complete a total of ten Target challenges for Berlin.