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How to find and destroy the remaining dens in the village in Dwerve

Clear out the Wargboars.

The village is where you’ll encounter your first real battle in Dwerve. You need to fight against a group of Wargboars using the two weapons you have at your disposal. Once the small story segment that follows is over, your father asks you to clear out the remaining Wargboar dens. They’re scattered around the village and aren’t exactly easy to find, which is why we put this guide together to help you locate and eradicate them.

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The first Wargboar den is in the top left-hand corner of the village. It’s the small pond with the burning house next to it that you need to take some stairs to reach. The den itself is in the top right-hand corner of this area, so lay down some crossbow traps far away from it and trigger the den to start spawning enemies. The crossbows should kill all the Wargboars before they reach you and quickly empty the den.

Wargboar den 2

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The second Wargboar den is directly below the first. It’s on the opposite side of the bridge that you’ll come to when trying to get to the bottom right-hand corner of the village. Plant your weapons before you cross the bridge because the den will start spawning enemies as soon as you step foot on it. When you enter this location, you’ll also trigger a nasty nest of bugs, so you need those traps ready to start slicing them up while the Wargboars approach from beneath. This is where you’ll die if you don’t prepare, using the lessons the game has been teaching you up to this point.

Wargboar den 3

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The final Warboar den is at the top of the village, above the first one. The chief’s warhorn will sound when you enter the area, which isn’t good news for your dad. Right now, though, all you need to worry about are the two dens in this location. One is to the left, and the other is to the right. Don’t do what we did and place two blade weapons outside of one. Place a blade trap or crossbows on either side to ensure that you kill every Wargboar that approaches. We were almost overrun because of our silly decision but were saved by some quick thinking and a piece of armor we’d found in an old woman’s house.

Once you’ve cleared out the last Wargboar den, head down into the village and get ready to have your world turned upside down. After finding your father’s chest and key, the story kicks into overdrive and provides the motivation you need to head out into the world, uncover the secrets of your enemies, and save those you love.

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