How to find and eat food in Grounded

Dinner is served.

Grounded 3

Image via Obsidian

Survival in Grounded requires you to look out for yourself while battling all creatures you can find any traditional backyard. You need to also monitor your food levels, which you can see indicated by the chicken leg icon on your screen. The smaller the circle around it, the more hungry you are in the game, and to fill that meter, you need to find food. There are small pieces of food and resources all over the game to keep your character alive and full of food. You can find mushrooms and more modest food resources in the game, but an excellent way to have bigger meals is to create a roasting spit.

To create a roasting spit, you need three resources: four pebblets, four sprigs, and three dry grass chunks. You can find the pebblets and sprigs by looking down at the ground of your game and picking those up. They’re all over, so they should be reasonably simple to find. The dry grass chunks are a bit more complicated. You need an ax to break these down to collect them. To craft a pebblet axe, you first need to analyze a pebblet at the computer station to access the recipe. After that, an axe requires a three sprig, 2 pebbles, and 1 woven fiber to make. Once you have your ax, approach any large dried grass chunks to break them down and collect the resource.

When you’re ready to craft your roasting spit, place it down at a location you plan to use for your base, and you can start fortifying your position. You can bring any chunks of uncooked food you find this location to make it far better to eat. But remember, you can still earn uncooked and raw mushrooms for a boost of food if you’re starving.