How to find and spend Old Coins in Forspoken

Still has some value.

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Athia is a land where money no longer holds much value, so it is strange that Old Coins are in Forspoken. Nevertheless, there are people in the world who are willing to trade if you manage to find these Old Coins out in the world. Of course, they aren’t the easiest item in the game to obtain, and you will need to do a bit of searching if you want to get your hands on them. This guide will show you how to get and spend Old Coins in Forspoken.

How to get Old Coins in Forspoken

Old Coins are just one of the many items you will end up finding as you search the world of Athia. All around the world, you will find detours that you can complete for extra items. One of the items that you can get from these detours is Old Coins. They are typically found in chests around the detours and aren’t given as rewards for completing them. Make sure to check each location for extra chests that might be lying around. They may also contain Nuggets or Feathers.

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You can also get Old Coins by finding hidden chests around Athia. Hidden chests are marked by purple dots across the map. Finally, Old Coins can sometimes appear on the ground or on walls around the city of Cipal. You can use the Cuff Scan to locate these coins while exploring the city.

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Where to spend Old Coins in Forspoken

While Athia is mostly void of anything to do with shopping, there are a few areas where you can go to spend all the coins you collect. The first shop that you will have access to is the Book Shop. This shop appears in the town square in Cipal and offers books that provide extra upgrades to enhance your gear. Each book ranges in price depending on how beneficial the upgrade is.

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After you have progressed far enough in the game to reach Visoria, you can go to the section of the map called Inner Visoria to find the Curiosity Shop. While it may be run by a rather unusual individual, this shop sells items that aid in world exploration and crafting. Finally, after you beat the game, another shop will appear in Cipal Square called Cat Lover. This shop is run by an elderly lady who sells cat toys and other cat-related items, which will appear in Refuges and Frey’s room.