How to find Aquarqs in Deep Rock Galactic

You’ve got to look for the glow.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Many of the missions in Deep Rock Galactic present you with multiple objectives to complete. Some revolve around killing bugs like Fester Fleas, while others require you to pick up nuts, plants, or fossils. This guide explains how to find one of the rarer minerals you’ll be tasked with picking up in the game, Aquarqs.

Dig where the walls glow

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aquarqs come in large blue chunks that glow from the center. However, to find it, you’ll need to dig deep into the icy walls of a cave. In our time in Deep Rock Galactic, we only came across Aquarqs in snowy biomes, but there’s a chance you can get it in others as well. To reach it, you need to look at the cave’s walls and dig where you can see a faint glow.

Aquarqs’ light can just about be seen through ice, so by looking around a cave, you can get a good idea of where some might be. When you think you’ve found a chunk, start digging into the wall. You’ll need to completely uncover the Aquarqs before it drops from the wall. Then, you need to pick it up and carry it to your drop pod to deposit it. This mineral can’t be held in your bags, so you’ll need to get it to the drop pod as soon as possible without the protection your weapons offer the rest of the time.