How to find buried treasure in Minecraft

Getting this booty will take a little bit of luck.

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Minecraft has a lot of surprises hidden throughout its many biomes and seeds. Exploring your world is about as engaging as setting up a base and gathering resources to survive. The more updates that come out for the game, the more new areas to explore are introduced. For anyone who enjoys the life of a pirate, you can find buried treasure hidden in distinct areas. Here is how to do it.

To find buried treasure in Minecraft, first, you need to get a Treasure Map. The only way to acquire a Treasure Map is by finding a sunken ship. These can be found in ocean biomes most of the time, but occasionally you can find them crashed on a beach. They are not very plentiful in the world, so be sure to keep your eye out.

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Enter the ship, and there will be a chest that holding a Treasure Map alongside some other items. If you are underwater, be sure to be quick. Up to two other chests can be on the ship, but only one will have the map you want.

When you have your Treasure Map, pull it out and look at it. As you might expect, X marks the spot for where you need to go. Typically, buried treasure is located on a beach but can sometimes be underwater. When you get to the X on the map, start digging, and you will find it at some point underground.

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Buried treasure chests always have a Heart of the Sea inside them, as well as some other goodies for you to grab. Be sure to grab everything and make your way back up from your digging location safely.