How to find Conger Eels in Dredge

Don’t deliver them fresh.


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There are dozens of fish to catch and catalog in Dredge. However, some are more important than others because they’re required for Pursuits or can help you gain unholy fishing tools. This guide explains how to find Conger Eels, a fish you’ll be eager to get hold of and store for a while when you start your journey in these murky waters.

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Where to find Conger Eels

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You can only catch Conger Eels in disturbed water in the Gale Cliffs region. This is the area on the bottom right-hand side of the map. Sail around the cliffs at night, stick to the outside so you avoid the colossal eel that lurks closer to the town, and you should find one pretty quickly. You can see which fishing spots are more likely to have Conger Eels because the creatures below the water’s surface will resemble eels, not fish. This helps you avoid filling up your cargo with fish you don’t want or need.

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How to deliver rotting Conger Eels to the Ingfell Resident

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Soon after you arrive in Gale Cliffs, you’ll meet a curious woman in Ingfell. She wants you to deliver an old specialty from the area they’ve not been able to get for a while, aged Conger Eels. Fish can rot in your cargo if you leave them too long, but the Ingfell Resident wants a fish that’s on the cusp of turning into a hunk of fetid flesh. To do this, catch a Conger Eel and go to Ingfell. Then, rest there for a day or so until you see that your Conger Eel has progressed from being fresh to rotting. At this point, you can deliver it to the Ingfell Resident, and she’ll be very pleased.

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We tried to deliver the exotic aberrant variant of the Conger Eel, the Sprouting Eel, to the Ingfell Resident because all these variants are rotting by nature. However, the NPC won’t accept it, so don’t waste your time as we did. You’re better off selling that fish to the Fish Market somewhere.