Atlas: How And Where To Find Drinking Water

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Initially, this guide was going to be called “Atlas: How to Find Water”. Immediately, I realized it sounded hilarious. Atlas world is full of water after all. When you are surrounded by the ocean and salty water is everywhere, however, the thing you want most is some fresh, sweet water running into your throat.

It is exactly for this reason that we wrote this guide: to explain how to find drinkable water. There are basically two methods to obtain it, looking for places where it may have been collected or digging for it.

Your avatars will thank us.

How to Find Drinking Water

Where To Find Clean Water

If you choose to look for places where it may have been collected, rely on your common sense and look for lakes inland or ponds (for example the one near the Greel temple in the picture). When you’ve found one, all you have to do is press E (or your “use” key if you changed default keys).

Please note that not all islands will have fresh water sources and avoid ponds too close to beaches: they obviously contain saltwater.

Where To Dig For Clean Water

If you are badly thirsty and you have not found fresh water sources, it’s time to get your hands dirty and dig for it (fortunately, players can dig without any tools since the beginning of the game). First of all, you have to find areas with green terrain and lay down (X is the default key on PC). At this point, if there is some water underground, a mini-game will appear. If you succeeded, you will see water appear and you have just to press the use key to drink it (E is the default one on PC).

Mastering the Timed Mini-Game

To win the mini-game, all you have to do is click with perfect timing: a small line will slide from the left to the right of the screen (and then from the right to the left). You have to click when the pointer reaches the bright area.

  • If you fail at the first attempt, you can try again with no consequences
  • For each time you succeed, you’ll add 20 water to a Water Sprout that appears
  • For the most quantity of water, you’ll need to succeed three times in a row

We are sure that thanks to this guide (via Steam), you won’t let your avatars suffer from thirst anymore.