How to find Seamus’ apartment secret lab in Stray

Doc’s lab is pretty awesome.

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There are many hidden secrets in Stray. After placing the transmitter on the highest point of the rooftops in the Slums, you return to Momo to see if it worked. During a brief cutscene, you meet Seamus. Of course, things don’t go too well during your first encounter with this character, but you have to push through so that you can find Doc’s secret lab in Seamus’ apartment. Don’t worry, Seamus will warm up to you after a while.

Doc’s secret lab

Shortly after that first interaction with Seamus, you will find yourself carelessly entering his apartment to find Doc’s secret lab. Once you give Seamus Doc’s Notebook, he will be interested in finding this secret room himself. Of course, you are the one who needs to unlock it.

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To find the code for the door, you first need to start by knocking the photo of Seamus and Doc off the wall. This will reveal a small phrase written in the robot language that says “Time will tell.” Take a look at the clocks on the wall opposite the message. Pay attention to only the hour hands and you will get the code 2511.

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Now that you have the code, you will need to type it into the keypad. You can find the keypad by knocking the image of the robot to the right of the beach scene off the wall. Type in the code to get the wall next to the keypad to open and reveal the secret lab.