How to find Infested Mines in Valheim

Do you dare delve in these ruins?

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There are multiple regions and dungeons for you to discover in Valheim. Each area contains various valuable resources you will want to bring back to your base and use in various crafting recipes. Tracking these recipes down can be a bit of a challenge, and the Infested Mines are a type of dungeon you can explore for its useful materials. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Infested Mines in Valheim.

Where to find Infested Mines in Valheim

The only location you can find the Infested Mines in Valheim is by exploring the Mistlands biome. This is a deadly region in the game, with the location on your map covered in black and purple mountains. When you hover over any of these locations on the map, you can directly see that it is called the Mistlands, and you will need to thoroughly explore it if you want to find the Infested Mines. These mines typically contain the Seekers, large insect-like creatures that have placed multiple eggs throughout the area.

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The Infested Mines are a good location to track down the Seekers. You’ll want to hunt them down for their Carapace and the Blood Clots they drop. Both of these materials are extremely useful, and you want to bring them back to your base to begin your crafting projects. The Carapace will be used to make Carapace armor, a type of armor you will need if you want to visit the Mistlands and survive your encounters regularly.

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It is important to note the Infested Mines are never listed on the map. You will need to scour the Mistlands to find these mine entrances and mark them on your make to return to with better equipment and more friends.