Where to find Blood Clot in Valheim

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Blood Clot is one of the several materials you can find while exploring Valheim. It’s a small material you will want to gather to bring back to your base and use in a handful of recipes. Tracking them down can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s a good material to have stored away in a chest, especially when you’re planning to do some cooking. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Blood Clot in Valheim.

How to get Blood Clot in Valheim

The only way to track down Blood Clot in Valheim is to defeat enemies in the Mistlands biome. You can find this biome by exploring your world, but it might take you some time to reach this point, especially if you’re struggling in the Plains biome. We recommend making sure you become comfortable in this region before you try to take on the enemies in the Mistlands.

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You primarily want to make your way into the Infested Mines. These are the dungeons of the Mistlands and contain multiple foes you can carve into while exploring this area. The creatures inside this area regularly drop blood clots, making it an ideal resource for you to find and bring back to your base.

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The mines are full of Seekers that you can find. These are the scaley creatures that going to be infesting the mines, and they have several eggs hidden throughout the chambers. We recommend bringing plenty of armor with you to protect yourself, but these creatures also drop extremely helpful resources, such as Carapace, which you can use to craft more armor when you return to your camp.