How to find Large Scales in Wild Hearts

Tiny kemono drops big item.

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Wild Hearts has charmed players with its fierce combat, deep crafting mechanics, and immersive world. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Monster Hunter series, the thrill of tracking and taking down a powerful monster is a feeling that is hard to replicate. However, as you may have experienced in previous games from Omega Force, success in the Wild Hearts requires skill, strategy, and the right gear. From weapons and armor to consumables and tools, every piece of gear plays a crucial role in the hunt. So if you want to upgrade your gear to the max, you’ll want to find a crucial crafting material: Large Scales.

Where to find Large Scales in Wild Hearts

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Large Scales can be found in both the Akikure Canyon. You’ll have to kill Sparkshower Monitors to get this item. However, there’s a catch. If you’ve been killing these red lizards non-stop and still haven’t gotten any large scales, this item won’t become available until chapter three. So you’ll have to progress through chapters one and two before they start dropping in the game.

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Chapter three will let you vanquish the formidable Mighty Dreadclaw in combat, unlocking Mighty Kemonos. Mighty kemonos are beefed-up versions of the Kemono you’ve already tussled with. You won’t need to develop a new strategy to beat them, but they will deal more damage. In addition, the Mighty Kemono unlock will also cause more small kemono to spawn in invasive biomes. Before, Sparkshower Monitors inhabited the Natsukodachi Isle and dropped small scales. But after chapter three, you’ll get the Mighty Kemono upgrade, and the game’s events will force creatures to migrate to other biomes. Sparkshower monitors will spawn in the Akikure Canyon and begin to drop Large Scales when killed. Now you are all set to upgrade the best of your weapons and gear.