What is the best weapon in Wild Hearts?

More than meets the eye.

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Wild Hearts is an ambitious cooperative hunting game where you must battle dangerous Kemono with even more destructive weapons. Wild Hearts features eight distinct weapon types that cover a range of play styles and personalities with their abilities and unique mechanics. All the weapons in Wild Hearts are viable, but one, in particular, is unmatched in its versatility. This guide will break down the best weapon in Wild Hearts.

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The best weapon in Wild Hearts

Out of the eight weapon types in Wild Hearts, the one capable of quickly taking on all threats is the Karakuri Staff. This weapon doesn’t unlock until later in the game, as its complexity makes it a weapon that requires a decent knowledge of Wild Hearts to take full advantage of. What separates the Karakuri Staff from the other weapon types is its ability to transform into different forms.

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Each time you tap R2 while using this weapon, it will transform into a new form. These are all the forms this weapon can change into.

  • Karakuri Bo Staff (Default Form)
  • Dual Bladed Tonfas
  • Giant Wind Shuriken
  • Spear
  • Giant Sword

These different forms allow the Karakuri Staff to possess all three damage types with one weapon, Slash, Pummel, and Lunge. This pushes the Karakuri Staff to the top of the heap, as this flexibility will allow you to adjust your strategy in the middle of a hunt and handle anything the game can surprise you with.

How to unlock the Karakuri Staff in Wild Hearts

The ability to craft the Karakuri Staff is locked until you complete the “Hunt the Earthbreaker” mission. This is a scripted boss fight, but failure is possible if you are careless during the attacking phase. We suggest eating food that grants extra health and defense boosts. A weapon with strong Pummel damage will also be effective against this beast.

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After completing this mission, you can speak to Natsume back in Minato and construct the best weapon in Wild Hearts. Practice on a training dummy and learn the nuances of this powerful weapon.