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How to find lost Kocos and return them to the Elder in Sonic Frontiers

Help the lost Kocos get home.

There are a lot of different collectibles to keep track of as you race across the fields and ruins of Sonic Frontiers. These collectibles allow you to increase your stats and make Sonic even more powerful than he already is. One of the many collectibles types is called Kocos. These little stone creatures have wandered off and the Elder needs your help to track them down. This guide will explain how you can find lost Kocos and return them to the Elder in Sonic Frontiers.

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How to find lost Kocos in Sonic Frontiers

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If you haven’t seen them yet, Kocos are these little rock creatures that are scattered all across the map. These creatures don’t have any fixed locations where you can find them, but they do appear frequently around ruins and Zone Portals. They also have a habit of appearing in areas off the beaten path like forests.

You will typically find lost Kocos in groups. You can identify when one is near thanks to the sound they make that is similar to Chao from previous Sonic games. When you come across a Koco, make sure to check the surrounding area because you will typically find four or five in one place. To pick them up, all you need to do is run into them. You will hear a noise when you do this to show that you have picked them up.

How to return lost Kocos to the Elder Koco

There are two different larger Koco that are important in Sonic Frontiers, but the one that we are interested in is the Elder Koco, which shows up on different parts of the map. This Koco is a bit larger than the normal ones you will find and is also covered in chunks of moss. This Koco appears on the map with a symbol of a Koco with its mouth open like in the image below.

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Interact with the Elder Koco and it will tell you if you have collected enough lost Kocos to upgrade Sonic’s abilities. Once you have found enough Koco, talk to the Elder and they will allow you to increase Sonic’s speed attribute or the max number of rings he can carry.

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Each time you bring Kocos to the Elder, you can increase one of the stats by one level with a maximum level of 99 for each. If you have collected enough Kocos to upgrade Sonic multiple times, the Elder Koco will ask you which stat you wish to upgrade multiple times in a row until you don’t have any more upgrades available.

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