How to Find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2

Manuscript Fragments are critical to upgrading your weapons in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you where to find them.

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Manuscript Fragments are a critical resource you’ll need to find in Alan Wake 2. These items are the only way to upgrade your weapons, and tracking Manuscript Fragments can take some time.

You won’t immediately learn about Manuscript Fragments until you break away from the pathway of the main story, and start to do some exploring. If you don’t find time to do this while playing Alan Wake 2, you’ll struggle to locate enough for your favorite upgrades. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2.

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Where To Find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2

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The Manuscript Fragments don’t show up out of the blue. I’ve tracked them down by locating the Lunchboxes that appear in Cauldron Lake and Bright Falls. The Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2 are a side activity for you to complete while playing as Saga traverses Cauldron Lake and Bright Falls. These Lunchboxes appear in areas that have distinctly colored rocks surrounding them. Inside the Lunchboxes are the Manuscript Fragments, and a small message left behind by whomever is leaving them.

The amount of Manuscript Fragments you find in Alan Wake 2 varies between each Lunchbox. Some contain only two or three, and others include more, such as nine. You’ll have to seek out each of the lunchboxes, and explore the surrounding area of a significant pathway to find these secrets, unlocking additional upgrades for the several weapons you unlock during your playthrough. The upgrades are expensive, too, such as the Pistol upgrade requiring at least 12 Manuscript Fragments.

Whenever you find one of these Lunchboxes, also make sure to return to Saga’s Case Board to place a photo of the location on the wall. You’ll unravel the mystery surrounding the Lunchboxes, potentially bringing you one step closer to figuring out what’s exactly going on in Cauldron Lake and Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2. Based on a handful of the notes I’ve found, it looks like they have a distinct connection with Alan, and they might have something to do with the Cult of the Tree.