How to find or make Mud blocks in Minecraft and what to do with it

It’s a muddy situation.

Image via Mojang

Mud Blocks are a new addition in Minecraft following the 1.19 The Wild update. While you may not think much of Dirt and other blocks used mainly as a way to walk around, Mud Blocks have some new functionality, and can add a new aesthetic to your place. Here is how to either find or create Mud Blocks in Minecraft.

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How to find Mud Blocks

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Mud Blocks can be found naturally in Mangrove Swamps. These are the new swamp variants that tend to generate alongside warmer biomes like deserts. You can find the darker blocks scattered all over the swampy area.

How to make Mud Blocks

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While Mud Blocks natively appear in Mangrove Swamps, you can also create them anywhere else in the world. All you need is a Water Bottle. First, craft a Glass Bottle with Glass Blocks. Then fill your Bottle with water and interact with any Dirt Block to turn it into Mud. The Grass Blocks do not work this way, so dig those up and interact with the Dirt Blocks underneath.

What to do with Mud Blocks

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After you have Mud Blocks, there is not a ton you can do with them, but you can use them to give yourself Clay. If you have Dripstone Blocks and Dripstone, you can place them directly below your Mud Block. Wait for the Mud Blocks to slowly drain all of their water through the Dripstone and it will eventually turn into Clay. This is a guaranteed way to find the block instead of randomly walking around water banks hoping for it to appear.