How to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Don’t track mud in the house.

For those who want to live off the land and become one with your Minecraft world, you may want to explore creating a mud home. You can do this by constructing a house or a structure entirely out of Mud Bricks, a block added in Minecraft 1.19, the Wild update. Here’s what you need to know about how to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft.

How to make Mud Bricks

You need to find where Mud comes from before worrying about how to construct Mud Bricks. You can only find Mud by exploring Mangrove Swamps. These are a temperate swamp regions in your Minecraft world, and they differ from the traditional swamps you might have become accustomed to finding. When seeking out a Mangrove Swamp, look for the desert and jungle biomes. These locations are typically adjacent to a Mangrove Swamp, giving you a good indication of where you might find one.

When you discover a Mangrove Swamp, the ground will be covered with Mud. You can pick it up off the ground, gathering it up as if it were any other block. Once you have enough Mud in your inventory, take it back to your primary base and mix it with wheat. Together, these two will create Packed Mud. You will need four blocks of Packed Mud to create Mud Bricks, enabling you to construct a mud-based structure or choose to place it in the Mangrove Swamp, giving you easy access to the many Mangrove Trees in that area.

You can create several variations of a Mud Brick using a stonecutting or a crafting station.