How to find other players’ planets in OGame

Keep your friends close.


Image via Gameforge

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In OGame, you have very little time to concern yourself with others. Your galactic empire must be maintained, which takes a lot of work. However, sometimes other players can help or hinder your efforts, so it’s worth knowing where they are and what they might be up to. This guide explains how to¬†find other players‘ planets in OGame, so you can keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Search for player names in the Galaxy tab

Screenshot by DoubleXP

A couple of third-party websites can be used to search for every planet another player has under their control, such as GameStats. However, we can’t guarantee that they work, so we prefer to use the built-in search function for other players within OGame. The search button is at the top of the screen. Click on “Search,” and it will open up a new in-game window for you to use. Type in the name of the player you’re searching for, and the window will return results for every planet they control.

It’s worth noting that this search function is limited to the server you are playing on. If your friends or enemies are playing on a different server, you’ll need to find that server and start a new game on it. When you’ve found another player, you can make your way slowly towards their planet by colonizing worlds and heading in their direction. When you find them, you can send them a message, a buddy request, or try to enact some espionage. You should only choose the espionage option if you’re confident that no other players will attack you for seven days since that’s the punishment for this kind of behavior.