How to summon other players in Elden Ring

Summon your friends for glorious cooperation.

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Summoning is a key mechanic in any Souls game, and Elden Ring is no different. Summoning players allows you to play online with your friends, challenge others to friendly battles, and get help with a boss you’re stuck on. That’s why it is important to know how to summon others into your world. Here is how you summon other players in Elden Ring.

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There are two types of summon signs that you will see throughout your journey; gold and red. Gold summon signs are allies you can summon into your world to help you defeat enemies like bosses. To summon these allies, you first need to find or craft Furlcalling Finger Remedy. This item is dropped by invaders and can be crafted using two Erdleaf Flowers. Use it near a summoning pool to make summon signs appear.

Red summon signs are for when you want to face another player in battle. You will be able to find these signs around summoning pools as well. Summoning a player of this type will cause them to glow red. You will then be able to deal damage to them and vice versa. You will get rewarded for defeating the player. You can also summon other players by creating a password. This is done by going to the menu, selecting multiplayer, and setting up the password in the sub-menu.