How to find Pointed Dripstone in Minecraft

Wow, that’s pretty stalacTITE.

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The Caves and Cliffs updates for Minecraft bring some long-awaited features to the mines and underground crevices you have been exploring for so long. One of those features closely resembles a sight you are bound to find in any real-life cave. Unfortunately, until this point, stalactites and stalagmites have been absent from Minecraft, even though a large portion of the game relies on exploring and digging through caves. That changes with the addition of the new Pointed Dripstone. Here is how to find it and what it does.

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Where is Pointed Dripstone found in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get Pointed Dripstone in Survival worlds. First, it will appear in Dripstone Caves and have a chance to grow in ordinary caves. You will need to look for the brown Dripstone Blocks, and if there is a water source directly above or below those blocks, Pointed Dripstone will be growing from it. They grow very slowly over time. If you want to gather any of it, you can strike it with any tool to knock it down, although Pickaxes are the quickest way.

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You can also move the Dripstone block to your home and put water above or below it to have it naturally grow there. Keep in mind that Pointed Dripstone on the floor will harm you if you step on it, and hanging Pointed Dripstone will harm you if it falls on you.

Another way to get Pointed Dripstone is to buy it from a Wandering Trader. They will sell two for the price of one Emerald.

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Four Pointed Dripstone can be used as ingredients in a crafting recipe to create a Dripstone Block, producing more Pointed Dripstone over time if a water source is fueling it.