How to find Recent players in Halo Infinite

See who you’ve been playing with.

Screenshot via Halo YouTube

As is the case with previous Halo entries and many other multiplayer shooters, Halo Infinite allows you to view a list of other players that you’ve recently matched with. This can be useful feature if you’re looking to party up with someone you just had a match with, as you’ll be able to Friend these players or send them a message. Here are the simple steps to find the Recent tab in Halo Infinite.

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Finding the Recent tab

Screenshot by Gamepur

From anywhere on the main menu, you can press the View button on your controller to pull of the Social page. Once you’ve entered the Social page, tab right two times using the Right Bumper (RB). You should now be on the Recent tab, which will be highlighted in white at the top of the screen. On the left side of your screen, you should see a list of other players that you’ve recently played with. You can scroll through these using the D-pad or Left Thumbstick. This information is blocked out in the image above, but it should be exactly where the large, white square is located.

To invite a player to your Fireteam, just hover over their name, press A, scroll down to Invite, and press A again. You will also have the option to Join their Fireteam (if it’s open), Mute them, or view their Profile. Loading their Profile shows a bit of their Campaign and Multiplayer history, but you’ll also be able to inspect their Armor, view their Files, look over their Match History, or see their Gamercard to Friend them over Xbox, send them a message, or invite them to a party.