How to get the Augmented achievement in Halo Infinite

Nothing is sweeter than conquering confusing achievements.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

The “Augmented” achievement in Halo Infinite claims that you must have “Earned 3 stars in 5 Tier 3 Weapon Drills” to obtain it. However, this is incorrect. In reality, you will only need to earn three stars in any five weapon drills to pop the achievement.

So, let’s start with the basics, where you find the “Weapon Drills” mode. First, upon opening the Halo Infinite menu, you will be greeted with the screen below. You will want to scroll down to the highlighted “Academy” tab and click on that.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will now open the academy section, and it will take you to the screen shown below. Here you will navigate down to the highlighted “Weapon Drills.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you have selected the correct mode, you will see a list of weapons. Now, some weapon drills are actually quite challenging when it comes to obtaining all three stars. That’s why we recommend you avoid using any automatic weapons/weapons that require you to shoot bots more than once.

Here is where the trusty M41 SPNKR and the Skewer come in handy. You will want to use these two weapons because three-starring their drills is substantially easier. You can see the M41 at the bottom and the Skewer at the top in the picture below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend you start with the M41. For all three of these drills, you will face groups of non-hostile enemies. The key to getting three stars is hitting them while they are in groups, as doing so will give you extra points. You should do all three of M41’s weapon drills to complete three out of the five three-star drills you need for the achievement.

For the last two weapon drills, you will want to use the Skewer. When using this weapon, you will want to shoot each enemy, quickly reload and shoot the next. Thankfully this weapon is a one-shot kill, and the drill doesn’t require you to be super fast to get three stars. Once you complete two of the three Skewer weapon drills, the achievement will pop, and you’ll be 15 gamerscore richer.