How to find Rui in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Fifth Drop

She’s the effigy now.


Screenshot by Gamepur

When you finally take on Fifth Drop in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, Ren and Rui approach the Shrine of Dolls in search of a hidden house. However, Rui quickly gets distracted and goes missing. From there, Ren needs to search the entire building to find her before the pair can move on to the Womb Cave below. This guide explains how to find Rui, so you don’t waste any more time on this puzzle than you need to.

As far away as possible

Screenshot by Gamepur

The idea with this puzzle is that Ren needs to search every room in the Shrine of Dolls to find Rui. There are closets in some of the rooms that have spiritual energy. You’ll need to walk inside each closet to trigger the sound of the energy, and you won’t be able to see it through your Camera Obscura unless you’re inside the closet too.

Three of the closets contain ghost children, which you don’t need to find. Rui is in the one that’s farthest from your starting location. See below for a map reference for the closet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve found Rui, you’ll need to make your way all the way back to the shrine where she disappeared. Once you arrive, you can make your way into the Womb Cave behind the shrine by examining the right-hand side of it.