How to find Savathun’s Marionettes on Titan or Io in Destiny 2

Hide and seek.

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The Growth quest has arrived in Destiny 2, giving us all access to the Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle, as long as we can track down some of Savathun’s Marionettes. You will need to defeat 15 of them as part of the quest, and you can find them on a few different locations, but only ones killed on Io and Titan will count towards the mission’s progress.

Savathun’s Marionettes are normally tied to the Contact public event, and you might get one or two to spawn during that event. Some changes have arrived in Destiny 2, however, and now you can find Marionettes and Disruptors wander the areas of Io and Titan that do not have an active Contact event on them.

Sometimes you will run into a solo Marionette that is easy to deal with or find Disruptors with Taken Blights. If you kill the blights, and then the Disruptors, this will cause a Marionette to spawn in that, you can then take out.

So, to iterate

  • Travel to either Io, or Titan
  • Check the map to see where the Contact Public Event is
  • Head to an area WITHOUT the public event
  • Drive around on your sparrow until you find a Disruptor or Marionette
  • Sometimes you will see a message on the screen that tells you a Disruptor has spawned, which is a nice heads up from the game that one is in the same area
  • Kill the Disruptor or Marionette
  • Rinse and repeat

And that is it. Like many things in Destiny 2, we will just need to grind one out, but it won’t take long. Contact events take too long to finish, while you can get five or six kills in about 10 minutes pretty easily this way.