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How to find Shiny Scorpions in My Time at Sandrock, and what they do

They will be harder to find than most animals in the game.

My Time at Sandrock is a charming resource gathering game on PC that has you scouring the world for special crustaceans, insects, and other animals. One of the earliest examples is a Shiny Scorpion, but they’re relatively hard to find. We’ll explain why below.

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Shiny Scorpion location in My Time at Sandrock

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Shiny Scorpions are a luck-based item that is rare to find, and even then, you’ll need some lightning-like reflexes to prevail. As you search junk piles, wood piles, and other scrap piles, there is a chance that a shiny scorpion will pop out and start running away. It will flee, and you’ll want to be quick at catching it. The reason? It burrows under the ground within a matter of seconds. We were able to find them near the player’s house and the main town in My Time at Sandrock. Search for the scrap piles and you’ll be in for a chance to get one of these golden animals.

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What can Shiny Scorpions provide you?

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Shiny Scorpions will provide you with some riches when sold to the right vendor. According to the Inventory menu, they are worth 64 Gol. Elsie, one of the characters you meet in the game also would like a Shiny Scorpion as a gift as she loves animals. She’s located in the Ranch Homestead; in the mornings, she’s usually having breakfast sitting on a chair by the table. While there isn’t an immediate award for doing this, she comments on how cute the animal is and how she loves its tail and feet. Your relationship with Elsie will likely grow from giving her this gift.

My Time at Sandrock does tease the player in its item description. It says, “It doesn’t jump out as having an obvious use.” Perhaps there is another way to use this item. Maybe you’ll need to craft something unique. However, at the time of writing, it certainly isn’t obvious.

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