How to find Stoneback Dugbogs in Hogwarts Legacy

Now we know why Harry wore glasses.

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Hogwarts Legacy players are all geared up to embark on magical adventures within the wizarding world, which, as you might have found in your playthrough, offers no shortage of mythical and fantastical beasts like the elusive Stoneback Dugbogs. Despite searching all the nests on the map and exploring swampy areas, players are having trouble locating this rare creature. You’ll need to find the Stoneback Dubogs to get the Finishing Touches achievement, which asks players to cast Ancient Magic on all beasts in the game. Here’s how to find these fantastic beasts.

Where to find Stoneback Dugbogs in Hogwarts Legacy

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You’ll find loads of Stoneback Dugbogs in the Dugbog Lair in the southeastern part of the Feldcroft Region. It is a cave-like area home to various creatures, including the Stoneback Dugbogs. To get to the Dugbog Lair, head to the coast and look for a cave entrance. If you’re not up for a long trip (or a quick fast travel click on the map), you can also spot more of them in Marunween Lake and the Tentacle Cave entrance.

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Tips to spot and duel Stoneback Dugbogs in Hogwarts Legacy

Keep an eye out for the distinctive appearance of a Stoneback Dugbog. They have dark green skin, yellow eyes, and a large, stone-like protrusion on their backs. Your best bet is to spam your Revelio spell once you reach this area to enhance your vision. Stoneback Dugbogs are also known to spawn around water, so be sure to check the coastlines and any bodies of water you come across.

Stoneback Dugbogs are not only hard to find but also pack a punch in duels. The spells to keep at hand are Levioso and any Force ones. Force spells will help you flip Dugbogs over, giving you a clear advantage in battle. The best way to use Levioso is to wait for Dugbogs to stick out their tongue and then bring out this spell to make it airborne. While in the air, dish out as many damaging spells as possible.