Are there Phoenix Dens in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you get more of this majestic creature?

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The Phoenix is one of the most coveted beasts you can find in Hogwarts Legacy. Phoenix Feathers are needed to fully upgrade some of your gear, so being able to get it for free in your Room of Requirement is a lot better than having to go to Hogsmeade to buy it. Unfortunately, it is believed that this bird is extinct in-game. That being said, the rumors are false, and you can get a Phoenix through a specific quest. However, can you find a Phoenix Den to get more?

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Can you find more Phoenix Dens in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, you are restricted to only having one Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy. You gain what is thought to be the last bird of this kind when completing all of Deek’s side quests in the Room of Requirement. You can gain access to the quest named Phoenix Rising, which lets you get a Phoenix, after completing the Niamh Fitzgerald main quest trial.

After you complete this side quest and return to Deek in the Room of Requirement, the Phoenix will automatically fly into the newest and last Vivarium that appears. You can then feed and groom it to receive Phoenix Feathers to upgrade your gear.

You might think that this is a chance to go out into the world and find Phoenix Dens, but none will appear. Even if you go back to the cave where you did the Phoenix Rising quest, the location where you got the bird will be completely empty. It is the only one available in the game, and you can not breed anymore. It is even the only beast that you can not sell to Brood and Peck. Even if you pack it up and take it there, it will not appear in the list of animals you can give to the store.