How to find the Badlands biome in Minecraft

The elusive Badlands biome.

Image via Mojang Studios

The Badlands biome, previously known as the Mesa biome, is a unique warm biome in Minecraft. It features mounds of terracotta and, at first glance, looks orangish-brown with a large concentration of red sand. Unlike most biomes in the game, the Badlands biome is a rare sighting, and players might have to search extra hard in order to make their way to the biome. That said, there is a method that players can utilize to find the Badlands biome in Minecraft.

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Badlands biome location in Minecraft

Unfortunately, if you are a hardcore player and do not want to tamper with the seed of your Minecraft world, no guaranteed method will lead you to a Badlands biome. Your best bet is simply to keep looking for the biome, which might be a very time-consuming task in the long run. However, if you do not care about playing the game ethically, you can simply copy your seed on a biome finder and note down the coordinates of the nearest Badland.

Two variations of Badlands are available in Minecraft: Wooded Badlands and Eroded Badlands. Due to an additional Grass and Coarse Dirt layer, The Wooded Badlands has Oak Trees on the upper levels. In contrast, Eroded Badlands is a barren version of the normal Badlands and features tall structures known as hoodoos.

Badlands biome is also home to a unique variant of mineshaft made out of dark oak wood. In the bedrock edition of the game, you’ll encounter chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep in the Badlands biome.