How to find the Basilisk Easter Egg in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s never safe to wander the halls at night.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Harry Potter fans playing Hogwarts Legacy are looking for any reference to the films and books they can find. A notable appearance that many are trying to discover is the Basilisk, the large creature that was supposedly wandering the halls of Hogwarts since the Slytherin founder, Salazar Slytherin, had been at the school. For a handful of players, they can find a reference to this creature and the movie. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Basilisk Easter Egg in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find the Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy

While playing the game, a handful of players have discovered that the Basilisk does appear in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s not in a boss battle or a named appearance, but it does appear every so often in, what seems to be, the Slytherin Common Room. Because it appears in the Slytherin Common Room, the easter egg is restricted to Slytherin players.

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This discovery was shared by Twitter user CastielJA, who shared a video of them running through the Slytherin Common Room at night. When they turned to the right, they saw a massive snake moving through the halls and disappearing from sight.

So far, how this event is triggered remains a mystery. What aligns so far is that a player needs to choose the Slytherin House and be in the Slytherin Common Room while it’s at night. While running through the common room, look to the right, and see if the Basilisk makes an appearance.

This has been the only documented showing of the legendary creature. Hogwarts Legacy players and the community are hungrily trying to figure out how to replicate this. For now, this is a rare easter egg, and we’ll be updating this guide when we learn more concrete details on how this easter egg properly triggers. It might have to do with the appearance of the Chamber of Secrets bathroom that you can find while visiting the second-floor girl’s bathroom, close to the Lower Grand Staircase Floo Flame fast travel location.

Screenshot by Gamepur