How to find the El Rubi shotgun in Far Cry 6

The El Rubi shotgun is hidden in a high-ranked area that is very dangerous. Be careful.


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The El Rubi shotgun is one of the unique weapons you can find throughout Far Cry 6. It needs to be found in a chest located in Torre Del Leon. In other words, this shotgun is hidden in Esperanza. This area is restricted and guarded by several high-ranked enemies. You will need to be careful when trying to reach this weapon’s location.

This shotgun comes pre-equipped with incendiary shells, a high-ranked suppressor, the High Ground mod that increases your damage to enemies who are below you, and the Gunslinger mod that increases draw and holster speed. This weapon is great for those who are starting out. It’s a shame that it is a little difficult to obtain.

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Take a look at the map above. Torre Del Leon is located in the city in the northern section of Esperanza. It is easy to reach this location by taking the main roads. Typically, it is hard to get inside of the restricted area because it is walled off. There are, however, secret tunnels you can take to get under the wall. One of these tunnels can be seen as an eye symbol on the map. When you reach the area, look around for a sewer opening.

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Jump down into the sewer and follow it into the restricted area. You will come out behind a massive government building. Run around to the front and use the front entrance to enter the building. Once inside, run to the back of the building to find a smaller room with a large painting. Under the painting is the chest that contains the El Rubi shotgun.