How to find the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest

Light up your game.

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You’ll be exploring caves often in Sons of the Forest, and they will be poorly lit. You won’t be able to see too much with the torches or the lighter you’re using. Thankfully, there’s a Flashlight you can locate to help make your life easier while exploring these dark caverns. It’s a helpful tool to have when attempting to fight mutants and cannibals. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest

The Flashlight is in a unique location in Sons of the Forest. Rather than being on the ground or inside a tent, it will be on a body. The body will be on a cliff near a small camp, where you can find a handful of bodies with one axe in their chest. There will be another body on the ridge, overlooking this area, not too far away. You should see a body dangling off a rope at his location.

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You’ll need something to cut the body off the rope. You can use the modern axe you found, or you can use the axe that you start the game with. The body will fall to the ground, and you can now loot the Flashlight on the body.

Like the lighter, you can hold it in your off-hand as you hold a larger item in your primary hand, such as an axe, spear, or another weapon. It’s important to note the Flashlight does run on a battery, so we don’t recommend using it too often unless you have a handful of batteries in your bag to help keep it powered.