How to find the Goblin Merchant in Dark and Darker

It’s time to gamble with the green guy.

Image via Ironmace

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Dark and Darker’s fourth alpha playtest came with substantial changes to the first-person fantasy dungeon crawler. One notable update cryptically listed a change to the Goblin Merchant, one of the many merchants with which the player can trade. In previous builds, the Goblin Merchant would become available only after finding an unidentified piece of jewelry inside a dungeon. He would then show up in the Merchants menu and offer a selection of rings and pendants for purchase.

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Where is Goblin Merchant in Dark and Darker

However, the Goblin Merchant has received a massive update in this latest playtest. According to the official patch notes, he will now sell “mysterious wares” and is available in the Travelers & Merchants menu at all times. What exactly is a mysterious ware, you might ask? You won’t know before you buy it. Well, sort of.

What are mysterious wares in Dark and Darker?

In this latest build of Dark and Darker, instead of being just another traditional vendor, the Goblin Merchant now offers players the opportunity to purchase unidentified items in the hopes of receiving an optimal and high-quality piece of gear. That’s right, Dark and Darker now features gambling — with in-game gold only. Diablo series fans should be no strangers to this mechanic, as a similar gambling feature has been present in each game.

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To try your luck with the Goblin Merchant, simply click on the Travelers & Merchants menu and look for that grinning portrait you’ll come to know and hopefully love. Ideally. Click on the Deal button below his smug mug to check out his current selection of five unidentified items. Each item sold by the Goblin Merchant costs 75 gold each, and he sells five new items each reset.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When shopping with the Goblin Merchant, you’ll be able to see the base item in the buy menu (for example, a Ranger Hood), so you’ll at least know if you’re purchasing a weapon or specific type of gear for a slot. However, any stats beyond the standard base stats found on any specific item will be completely randomized when it is purchased. Maybe you’ll get an amazing item with best-in-slot-worthy stats, or perhaps it’ll just be a gray-quality bit of junk. If you get a great item that’s not quite right for your current build or class, you can head to the Trading Post with it and hope to recoup your losses.