How to get a soul heart in Dark and Darker

A crucial item your party members drop.

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You’ll find multiple items and valuable equipment while exploring the dungeons in Dark and Darker. These are a good way to make money when you escape the dungeon, and they can even improve your character’s talents and skills, giving them a better chance of survival. An essential item you’re going to want to find while playing with friends is a soul heart, and it’s how you go about reviving your allies if they’ve fallen in combat. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a soul heart in Dark and Darker.

Where to find a soul heart in Dark and Darker

A soul heart drops from a player character after they have died in combat. They can die from natural causes, another player, or an enemy you encounter in the dungeon. If your ally falls, you will need to retrieve their soul heart to revive them at an Altar of Sacrifice, where you can bring them back into your game to continue your adventure. How you find the soul heart can be a little tricky.

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You go about retrieving a soul heart by first making sure you’ve removed the character’s chest plate. If you have not removed their chest piece, whatever it is they might be wearing, you won’t be able to obtain the soul heart from their body and take it with you. After you remove the chest piece, a bluish, white soul heart will appear in your inventory if you have room. The soul heart takes up a two-by-two space. You may need to clear your inventory if you’re pretty full.

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Once you have the soul heart, take it to the Altar of Sacrifice somewhere in the dungeon to bring your ally back from the dead.