How to find the hook and complete Fisherman’s Friend on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

Don’t hold the sharp end, 47.


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There are dozens of challenges to complete on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3. Many of these require you to explore and complete a set of tasks that ultimately lead to the death of one of your targets, while others simply ask that you find a specific item. This guide explains how to find the hook and, therefore, complete Fisherman’s Friend, one of the Discovery challenges on Ambrose Island.

Where to find the hook on Ambrose Island

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The hook is located just outside the pirate shanty town on Ambrose Island. It’s hanging from the ropes next to the door to the large complex guarded by armed pirates behind the shanty town. This is where one of the location’s main targets, Akka, has an office and patrols around while making phone calls. You can pluck the hook from the rope, providing you have the correct disguise. We found that no one minded if we took it while we had a pirate disguise in use. See the map for a reference to the hook’s location.

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How to complete the Fisherman’s Friend Discovery

The Fisherman’s Friend Discovery goal will be completed as soon as you find and pick up the hook. The real challenge here is finding such a small and obscure item hidden in such a deep location. However, once you know where it is, you can adapt your runs to try to get a Silent Assassin rating using the hook to kill one or both of the targets.

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There are no additional rewards to earn by completing Fisherman’s Friend aside from a bonus of 1,000 XP for the run that you unlock it in. This item is quite useful because it can be easily hidden and is incredibly lethal, allowing you to kill your targets up close or from a distance, and no one will care that you’re walking around with it.