How to find the key in Interlude in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Search the house.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Interlude is the second non-combat mission in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. You don’t have to do a lot to get through it, but you do need to solve a puzzle. This guide helps you find the key and solve that puzzle so you can get back to being terrified.

Step 1: Photograph the desk

Screenshot by Gamepur

After following the mission into the office, you’ll find a drawer that’s locked. You need to take a picture of it with the Camera Obscura to get a Token that shows you where the key is. Now, you need to go downstairs and find that key so you can get into the desk.

Step 2: Find the spare room

Screenshot by Gamepur

The bed you’re looking for is downstairs in the spare room. You’ll need to take a picture of the bed from roughly the same angle as in the Token, and the key will appear. See below for a map reference for this room.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Then, you can pick up the key, return to the desk, and unlock it. Inside, you’ll find a tonne of lore that will add to the game’s story and help you understand the overarching timeline a bit better.