How to find the key in Third Drop in Project Zero Maiden of Black Water

Don’t let the innkeeper keep you out.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Third Drop is an interesting mission in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water because it introduces some new mechanics, a challenging boss, and the first real puzzle in the game without holding your hand along the way. Once you’ve made your way through the familiar setting, you’ll find a locked door that you need to find the key to get through. In this guide, we’ll cover how to find that key so you can get on with being scared.

Step 1: Photograph the door

As in the game’s prologue, you need to take a picture of the glowing space in the door where the key should go. This will reveal a photo showing the location of the key. The image is of an open hatch somewhere in the building. To find it, you need to go all the way downstairs to the ground floor and look at the wall next to the stairs. You should see the hatch in the wall.

Step 2: Get the key

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aim your Camera Obscura at the hatch and position yourself to get the right angle on it. Then, turn your lens until the indicator flashes red. When it does, take a picture, and the hatch will open. The key is inside the hatch, and you’ll need to go over to it to pick it up. Keep an eye out for spectral hands that might try to grab you and injure you.

When you have the key, you can go back up to the third floor. Get ready for one of the most demanding bosses in the game so far, though, because the innkeeper is waiting for you.