How to find the Quietus dungeon in Harvestella

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Dungeons are one of the most challenging battlegrounds you’ll get to experience in Harvestella. Amongst the few dungeons present in the game, Quietus Dungeons are indeed a rare sighting. Not only is it very hard, but you can only encounter the dungeon once per season. Here’s how to find the Quietus Dungeons.

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How to play the Quietus dungeon in Harvestella

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To encounter a Quietus dungeon in Harvestella, you need to wait for Spring to end. Once the season ends, there will be a single day for the Quietus dungeon; hence, you need to be fully prepared beforehand. If you miss the dungeon, you’ll have to wait 30 days to get a chance to play it again.

Reaching the Quietus dungeon is quite simple. Once the season ends, head north from where your crops are until you reach the old well. On the day of the Quietus dungeon, the well will glow, which basically indicates it’s active. Interact with the well, and you’ll immediately get teleported into the dungeon.

Quietus dungeon is a great mode that allows you to break away from the mundane fishing and farming in the game. However, since you’ll only occasionally play the dungeon, expect it to be very difficult to go through. When playing the dungeon, you’ll face a variety of enemies, alpha enemies, and world bosses. Each time you beat a boss, you’ll go to the next level, and, unsurprisingly, the levels get harder as you progress. Defeating enemies will reward you with various resources that make the Quietus dungeon great for farming materials. That said, do not go head first in the dungeon, and ensure you carry enough healing items to get you through the entire dungeon.