How to get Rusty Metal in Harvestella

An essential crafting component.

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Harvestella is a game that is filled with materials and ingredients for you to find that are scattered all over the world. While some of these items are easy to find and come from many sources in the world, others are rather difficult to locate and require a bit of time to obtain. One of the materials you will need a lot of, especially early in the game, is Rusty Metal. These small iron fragments are great for crafting thanks to their moderate hardness. This guide will show you how to get Rust Metal in Harvestella.

Rusty Metal location in Harvestella

Similar to Lumber, you can actually get Rusty Metal very early on in the game. After progressing through the game enough to gain access to your farm, you can start collecting Rusty Metal. This is thanks to the gathering and mining nodes around the farm. There are several scattered about your farm. Each of these nodes has a chance to drop Rusty Metal from them. If they don’t you can always rest and come back the next day to search the area again.

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Rusty Metal is actually a common material for you to find out in the wild as well. One of the earliest locations you will go to is the Njord Steppe. You can find Rusty Metal at the mining spots in this location as well as the Hard Stone that is needed to craft the hammer. You can even find Rusty Metal in the Jade Forest and the Higan Canyon. The material is common in both locations.

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This material is one of the most common that you will need early in the game for crafting. While some items require Hard Stone, any machine that you make such as the Flour Mill or the Fermenting Barrel will require Rusty Metal to make. Make sure you save these iron fragments any time you come across them.