Baldur’s Gate 3: All Missable Side Quests & Content in Act 3 of BG3

Don’t miss any Act 3 side quest and secret available in Baldur’s Gate 3 with this guide.

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Don’t be fooled by the size of Baldur’s Gate 3’s third-act map. You won’t be walking miles and miles like in the Wilderness, but every corner hides a bit of side content, whether it is in the form of some letter sitting atop a shelf, a random NPC standing in a park, or a mini-game that hides a legendary weapon.

Baldur’s Gate is full of content waiting to be discovered, but it’s also so packed that most of it is really easy to miss. This guide covers every single Act 3 side quest and secret in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: All Side Quests and Secrets in Act 3

Dribbles the Clown
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Side QuestDescriptionLocation
Welcome Yenna to Camp Upon entering Rivington, a kid will ask for a meal. Later, she’ll show up at camp.  
Lie or Tell the Truth to Ferg Drogher  A man will call out Shadowheart’s name in Rivington. Upon approaching him, he inquires if she really is Shadowheart after all. 
Win Akabi’s Jackpot In the Circus of the Last Days, a djinni has a spinning wheel. Win the jackpot to get a legendary weapon. 
Investigate the Suspicious Toys Investigate Alfur’s basement to find something peculiar in the toys he’s sending to refugees. 
Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders Figure out what’s going on behind the mysterious murder of a priest. 
Find the Tressym Find the missing letters, which are sitting in a Tressym’s nest. 
Attack or Absorb the Newborn Mindflayer’s Powers Inside a windmill’s basement lies a newborn mindflayer, waiting to be consumed or killed. 
Find the Wyrmway An ancient dragon could be a powerful ally, so let’s walk into its lair. 
Find Mol Mol has been missing for two acts now. Where did this kid disappear to? 
Win the Laff Riot Contest Apparently, some random guy thinks he’s funnier than you. Prove him wrong by winning the Laff Riot Contest. 
Stop Albert’s Dog, Sparky Albert needs to get to tea time before it’s dark. Help this kiddo by stopping his dog, Sparky, from running all over the park. 
Enter Jaheira’s Hideout Find a way to solve Jaheira’s pin slot puzzle to enter her hideout. 
Escape the Iron Throne and Save All Prisoners The Gondians are in a pretty high-security prison; let’s break them out. 
Find the Stern Librarian Ffion The Librarian has gone missing, and it’s somehow your job to find her. 
Solve the Sorcerous Sundries Puzzles The Sorcerous Sundries hide lots of cool lot, especially for wizards.  
Side with Lorroakan or Dame Aylin Lorroakan wants the Nightsong, but this “relic” happens to be a person living in your camp. 
Complete Carrion’s Servant Quest Help the Carrion’s servants escape or side with the Carrion in this awesome quest. 
Free the Artist, OskarIt’s time to Save Oskar once again, but this time in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3.
Enter the Counting House and High Security Vault Walk into Baldur’s Gate’s wealthiest building and vault. 
Find the Abandoned Cistern and Minsc Solve this Sewers puzzle to find everyone’s favorite hero: Minsc. 
Complete Aid the Underduke The Guild is an organized clique in Baldur’s Gate, and you’ll help them find Minsc. 
Return the Gold to Rakath Once the gold is retrieved and its holder tracked down, it’s time to return it to its owner. 
Make a Deal with Orin and Find the Victim Orin is one of BG3’s main villains; should we really be making a deal with her? I mean, what can you do after she’s taken a party member hostage? 
Get into the House of Hope Find a way to get into the House of Hope to retrieve the Orphic Hammer. 
Get the Orphic Hammer Once inside the House of Hope, it’s time to find that exclusive weapon for Lae’zel. 
Beat Raphael No more deals; it’s over. Time for an epic battle with an even more epic soundtrack. 
Open the Mystic Force Curtain Before accessing Raphael’s room, the Mystic Curtain must be removed. 
Rescue Hope After storming into her home, the least you can do is save Hope. 
Find the House of GriefComplete Shadowheart’s companion quest.
Stop the Presses Either you stop the presses, or everyone will hear about your evil deeds. 
Save Vanra Track down Vanra to help her mother. 
Help the Hag Survivors Find out where the Hag Survivors are hiding to help them out. 
Enter Cazador’s Palace Complete Astarion’s companion quest by defeating Cazador. 
Help Astarion Complete The Ascension Ritual, or Don’t At the end of the quest, decide whether Astarion should follow through with the ritual or be the better person. 
Help Kith’rak Voss Kith’rak Voss wants to help resurrect Orpheus. 
Investigate the murders There doesn’t seem to be an end to these bloody murders. 
Kill Sarevok or Valeria During the Impress the Murder Tribunal quest, a decision must be made: should you kill the villain or a cute flying elephant? 
Find Dribbles the Clown Body Parts Dribbles the clown has been viciously chopped up and his parts are scattered all over Baldur’s Gate. 
Destroy the Steel Watch Gortash is invincible with his Steel Watch, so maybe that should be taken care of. 
Find Out Who’s the Doppelganger in Camp Gortash reveals there’s a doppelganger in our own camp. Who could it be? 
Make a Deal with Gortash, or Don’t Decide whether it’s a good idea to side with Karlach’s biggest enemy. 
Avenge the Drowned  Help avenge Holli, one of the Drowned. 
Become Illithid or Make Orpheus Become Illithid  A choice must be made: who should become a mindflayer? n/a
Destroy or Control the Elder Brain  To wield enormous power or to destroy it? n/a