How to Find the Subway Map in Alan Wake 2

The Subway map is a critical item that you might miss while playing Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you where to find it.

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There are a handful of locations you’ll be exploring as you progress through Alan Wake 2. When playing as Alan, you’ll be diving deeper into the Dark Place, and you’ll find yourself exploring an abandoned subway.

Like many of the maps you receive at the start of Alan Wake 2, you won’t be able to know where you’re going until you uncover the map. Sometimes it’s easy to track it down, and other times, it’s troubling to try to find it, especially when trying to escape enemies. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can find the map for the Subway in Alan Wake 2.

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Where to Find Subway Map in Alan Wake 2

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The Subway map is not something you immediately get. You’ll have to explore the Subway area in the Dark Place and make your way past the starting area. Thankfully, even though this area is in the Dark Place, I didn’t encounter any enemies in this location while playing Alan Wake 2. However, it’s preparing to throw some type of enemy at you, and having the map will make it much easier to navigate this underground maze.

After you progress through the subway tunnel, and head underground, look for a break room. To the left of the break room will be the subway map, and you’ll unlock the entire area, making it much easier to explore during your playthrough of Alan Wake 2.

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Now, in the first area, you won’t find too many things that you have to fight, but there is a useful power-up nearby. Next to the abandoned subway car at the center of this area is a Word of Power, one of many in the Subway labyrinth. You can add it to your collection, further enhancing Alan’s abilities while he remains in the Dark Place in Alan Wake 2.

If you’re ever in trouble or need a place to rest, make sure to return to the break room. This is also a location where you can make a manual save, and you’ll be protected from any Taken or shadow creatures that appear to fight you during your campaign.