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How to find the Wololo reference in Ixion

Stop them before they convert you.

Ixion is a fascinating game in which you take on the role of administrator in a colossal prototype space station that’s exploring the stars. As you journey, you’ll need to build up a small city inside the station to keep everyone fed, happy, and healthy. However, there are times when the random side of human nature takes over, and events pop up to challenge you. This guide covers how to find one of those events and the Wololo reference it includes.

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How do you find the Wololo reference in Ixion?

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You find the Wololo reference during chapter 3 of Ixion’s story. After launching a Probe to collect some Ice and Carbon, you’ll get a strange request. This request is called Wololo, which informs you that a religion called Cult of the Hull has started up. You can choose to suppress the cult or embrace it. This event itself is beside the point because the Wololo reference is already very present here.

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What does Wololo refer to?

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Wololo is the sound that Monk units made in Age of Empires 1 when they were converting enemy units over to your side. The sound is a part of gaming culture, at least for those who remember it. Clearly, some of the development team at Bulwark Studios do, which is why they’ve called this event that relates to a cult converting the people of a space station Wololo. You can either allow your people to be converted or choose to push back against that cult, similar to how enemy units were converted or killed in Age of Empires 1, depending on whether your Monks or various fighting units were successful first.

Ixion is a unique city builder set in space where your city slowly travels throughout the galaxy. You’ll need to gather resources out in space to fuel your progress inside the space station, and people’s needs won’t be met if you can’t gather enough to help them. The game is a great thrill for those who love an epic sci-fi tale with various trials and tribulations threatening an established society through bureaucracy rather than direct alien attacks or more action-oriented events.

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