How To Find Trial Chambers In Minecraft 1.21

Trial Chambers have arrived to Minecraft, and you can start finding them in your world, but you need to seek them out in specific areas.


Image via Mojang

More environments and biomes are coming to Minecraft, and a feature you might be on the hunt for is Trial Chambers. These are unique locations you can visit where you’ll be tested against several challenges and have to overcome them for unique rewards.

You will need to visit specific areas in Minecraft if you want to find a Trial Chamber. These locations will vary in your world, but they should be relatively common, and you want to make sure you can recognize the telltale signs of where you can discover one. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Trial Chambers in Minecraft.

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Where To Find Trial Chambers in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

Trial Chambers are meant to be a challenging location to visit in your Minecraft world. They have several traps, rewards known as Trial Spwaners, and enemies known as The Breeze. If you encounter a Breeze enemy, you’ll want to run away as quickly as possible, but prepare to find yourself stuck in place, unable to move, and trapped by the quick winds they send out after you.

You’ll need to start digging and make your way to the underground if you to track down a Trial Chamber. These only begin to appear in the Deepslate layer of your Minecraft world. When you reach this layer, the Trial Chambers should be relatively common for you to find here, as deposits of Copper and Tuff blocks surround these structures. When you locate one, the next step is to make your way into this harrowing challenge.

Your primary goal will be the Tiral Spawner, which is a device that sends out a set number of enemies after you based on the party you have. If you have a relatively large party with you, expect to battle against several enemies. This may entice you to complete a Trial Spawner yourself, so the challenges don’t become too great. Regardless, you’ll have your hands full, but the rewards you receive might be worth it, as you complete your dive and earn the treasure from within, such as the Trial Keys.