What Do Trial Keys Do In Minecraft Snapshot 23W45A?

Trial Keys have been added to the Minecraft Snapshot 23W45A, and this guide shows you how you can use them and where to find them.


Image via Mojang

There are multiple items and resources you have to find while playing Minecraft, and many of them have specific uses to enhance your journey. Trial Keys are a unique item that you have to track down, especially for anyone looking to undergo some of the more dangerous Trial Chambers.

Trial Keys are hidden items you can find in your Minecraft world, and tracking them down can take time. They are critical, though, especially if you stumble into a Trial Chamber, and want to try it with your friends. Here’s what you need to know about what Trial Keys do and where you can find them in Minecraft’s Snapshot 23W45A.

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Where To Find Trial Keys in Minecraft

Image by Mojang

The only way you can find Trial Keys is by making sure your Minecraft launcher is up to date with Snapshot 23W45A. If you launch your Minecraft game without this snapshot in place, you won’t be able to track them down. This is where they’ll begin, but they should appear in other iterations of Minecraft when the final product is ready for release, and the developers are ready to provide them to all players. You can swap in Snapshot 23W45A in your Minecraft launcher before you start playing.

After you’ve added Snapshot 23W45A to your Minecraft world, it’s time to track the Trial Chambers. A Trial Chamber is one of the new activities the Minecraft developers have cooked up to provide a more sizeable challenge for players. You’ll need to go to the Deepslate Layer in the underground world when looking for a Trial Chamber in Minecraft. These structures are surrounded by large chunks of Copper and Tuff blocks, making them distinct to spot when you reach them.

When you reach the Trial Spawner in the Trial Chamber, you can obtain the Trial Key in your Minecraft world. The Trial Spawner works a bit like an enemy spawner; only it spits out various rewards for reaching this point rather than enemies for you to fight. The Trial Key is one of these rewards. However, you still need to deal with enemies, and the number of enemies that appear depend on how many people are in your party.

It is important to note that the Trial Key does not have a use for anything in Minecraft at this time. Further additions will need to be made to Minecraft before this happens, but we’re hoping these are tied to some chest with exclusive rewards for your Minecraft world to enjoy.