Top 5 Animals Minecraft Still Needs To Add

Curious about which animals could liven up your Minecraft world? We’ve picked our top 5 creature candidates and shared the excitement in this list.

Image via Mojang

Image via Mojang

Minecraft mobs are the backbone of playing in survival. Whether they’re working with or against you, having more characters roaming the world can make it feel full and less lonely.

Animals that help or hinder are always a welcome feature for Minecraft. While Crab, Penguins, and Armadillos are excellent choices for the next creatures in Minecraft, there are still a ton of animals yet to be added that could make the game so much better. In this quick list, we’ll list a few animals we want to see in Minecraft.

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5. Orcas

Orcas in Minecraft

There are plenty of water-bound creatures currently in Minecraft, more than we ever had in the original version that was released initially to the public. The waters are no longer safe places to hide, with Zombies roaming the murky depths, so why not add more danger to the equation? Orcas would be a terrifying addition to the collection of water beasties that can chase you, great for lots of open water, populating it with its bulky space.

4. Tortoises

Tortoises in Minecraft

We might have sea-bound turtles, but what about tortoises? It’s great to have any turtle at all in Minecraft, given they’re a recent addition, but having turtle creatures be more common in other areas than just the sea can be a great way to introduce crafting items based on them. And for turtle lovers, this pet can make a great addition to any homestead, being a steady and long-living companion for a new Minecraft world.

3. Squirrels

Squirrels in Minecraft

For a game with trees as the starting point, it’s a little unusual that the amount of creatures that dwell in them is so low. Squirrels are what comes to mind when you think of the animal that might fall out of a tree if you start punching it, which makes it a pretty immersion-encouraging addition to Minecraft if it were to be officially added. To boot, they’d run about the same speed as rabbits, if not faster, making them a difficult creature for players to catch if they’re the kind to try to own every animal on their base.

2. Crocodiles

Crocodiles in Minecraft

If the developers want to continue down the path of dangerous waters, why not add some extra teeth? Crocodiles would help Minecraft have more reptiles, as well as giving an animal that’s hostile outside of other mobs. Adding crocodiles could also be an excellent boon for resources, providing armor for more friendly animals that you can make part of your base.

1. Hawks

Hawks in Minecraft

While there are plenty of things flying around in the modern days of Minecraft, something with a bit more sting than a Bee would be a welcome addition. As both a potential for friend or foe, adding hawks can be a creative implement that’ll leave fans either watching the skies for danger or having skies protected by a watchful, tamed friend. Adding an airborne companion could also bring along some improvements to gameplay, easing the tension if casual players want protection via both a Dog and a Hawk that they’ve brought to their side.